Saturday, April 22, 2017

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out Ways to Keep Earth Clean

Greetings Roadrunners,

April is Earth month, and we want to offer a few tips that you can do to make a difference in our environment! 

1.Stop grabbing five hundred paper towels when you go to the bathroom.
A tree died to make those, you know. Use the air-dryer.

2. Leave bubble baths to the babies.
Taking a bath usually uses around 70 gallons of water, while a 10 minute shower only uses around 50 gallons. If you're able to shower, make saving water your eco-friendly superpower.

3. It's Dalton. Skip the generic bread in Walmart, and try out our local Hispanic bakeries.
Eating local foods reduces environmental impact since less transportation was used to deliver goods.

4. Get with the century, and pay bills online.
Paying bills online reduces paper use and prevents paying for postage. It appears that millennials aren't wrong about everything.

5. Your clothes can't feel the hot water, so stop washing them in it.
Most energy in washing clothes is used to heat the water. Reduce the energy use, and put your clothes on the shortest cycle.

6. Nobody likes the plastics. Just ask Janis Ian.
80% of plastic water bottles end up in landfills or as litter polluting local water sources and harming wildlife. Use re-usable cups or recycle!

7. Skip the gym. Yes, you read that correctly.
The weather is finally warming up. Quit wasting energy by running the treadmills in the gym and take your cardio outside.

8. It's ok to be a little shady...
Plant trees near your A/C unit to keep it shaded. It will help its efficiency up to 10%.

9. Do you have a cellphone older than sin? Try the recycle bin.
You can recycle electronics in drop off boxes at local stores, such as Walmart.

10. In the famous words of DJ Unk, "Walk it out".
Don't drive to the other end of campus just because you don't want to walk. Preserve the air by moving your derrière.

Take the opportunity this month to try and reduce your environmental impact! Stay active in keeping our planet clean, and be conscious of the environment when going through your daily routine. Happy Earth month! Let's team up, and make a difference!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

10 Reasons to Live on Campus at Dalton State College

Living on campus at Dalton State College has an abundance of benefits. In fact, we can come up with 10 without hesitation.

1.) We have a new Residence Hall.

Dalton State College's new residence hall, Mashburn Hall,  just opened in Fall 2016, and although we are a little bias, it's pretty freaking awesome. I mean, it's not too shabby for college students...

2.) When we say you can easily walk to class, we actually mean it.

While some colleges advertise that you can walk to campus from your room, students often find that "fact" to be an understatement. Sure, you may be physically capable of walking to campus, but you better pack a water bottle and leave an hour before class starts.

Luckily, Dalton State's small campus really is...small. You can walk to any building on campus in less than 10 minutes from Mashburn Hall. No more rest breaks needed to get where you're going.

3.) We like free laundry, so we gave it to you...on every floor.

That's right. You don't have to worry about walking across campus to do your laundry or pay for it. Mashburn Hall contains laundry rooms on every floor of the building, and it is FREE! You can even get a text sent to your phone when it is finished.

4.) We understand that first years have cars, too. So yes, you can bring them.


While a lot of colleges do not allow underclassmen to have cars on campus for their first year or two, Dalton State is accommodating to our students' needs. In fact, the parking lot for residents is right in front of Mashburn Hall. You're welcome!

5.) We have a fire pit, and we are not afraid to use it.

One of the most unique features of our residence hall is the fire pit. We hold fireside chats and other events where students love to gather around the fire pit, make S'mores, and tell stories. If events aren't really your scene, you can always rent out the fire pit for your own use. Are we #roasting the competition yet?

6.) While purchasing meal plans might suck, our newly remodeled café doesn't.   #worthit

Our café just received a major transformation in the Fall semester of 2016, and it has a salad bar and three stations with different food options. Serviced by Metz, the Roadrunner Café makes purchasing meal plans worth it.

7. We wanted your home to have nice kitchens, so we made it happen.

Mashburn Hall features two community kitchens with updated appliances, large islands, and flat screen televisions. The first floor kitchen also opens up to a patio with a stainless steel grill that is available for resident use. #letmeseeyourgrill

8.) We have game lounges.

Game lounges can be found on every other floor in Mashburn Hall, and we have all the supplies you need to make them fun. You can check out console games and controllers for the PS4, Xbox One, or Wii at the front desk of Residential Life. If you're interested in playing something a little more hands on, we also have pool sticks and ping pong equipment available.

9.)  Oh yeah, and we have the learning commons.

The learning commons is located off of the lobby in Mashburn Hall. The space serves as a free space for residents to receive tutoring, gather to study, or to use recreationally. Residents can also take advantage of the learning commons' FitnessOnDemand system. 

10.) Most of all, we would just love to have you here.

If you're not convinced yet that living on campus at Dalton State College is pretty flippin' fantastic, call and schedule a tour so that we can prove you wrong. We love to win; go ask the other offices on campus who the reigning decorating champs are if you don't believe us. #getlikeus

Friday, March 17, 2017

Going Green: 3 St. Patrick's Day Cities That Know How to Shake Their Shamrocks

St. Patrick's day is a time where the entire world celebrates Irish culture to remember St Patrick from the fifteenth century. Today, we celebrate by wearing green, having parades, and throwing festivals.

So in honor of the arising holiday, we wanted to know a few of the best cities in the country where we could shake our shamrocks.

Savannah, Georgia

While Savannah, GA may seem like a strange location for honoring St. Patrick's Day with only 7.4% of the population being Irish, it is actually one of the most talked about St. Patrick's Day celebrations in the country.

The city holds a St. Patrick's Day parade, weekend long festival, Irish day celebration, races, concerts, and tons more. Oh yeah, and they also turn the Forsyth Park fountain green in honor of the holiday. 

Who said the South doesn't support diversity? They love everyone, y'all, and they're good at getting down on any given occasion.

Chicago, Illinois

In Chicago, St. Patrick's Day attracts massive crowds every year. Like Savannah, Chicago also turns a body of water green for the leprechaun-loving holiday. Instead of a fountain, they turn the entire Chicago River green (wowzers).

Forty-five pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye are poured into the river for the celebration, which is over a fifty year tradition. You can also expect many neighborhood celebrations and a St. Patrick's Day parade.

Did we mention that they also have taverns to drop into while you're celebrating? You know, where you can order a tall glass of water...because we totally do not promote drinking. This is a school blog, after all...

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg's St. Patrick's Day parade is one of the largest ranking in the world. It has around 100,000 spectators each year.
The city also holds an Irish Fair on the day of the parade for all of the party-goers. The fair has family-friendly entertainment, street vendors, drinks, and live music.

If green beverages, kilts, and knee-high socks are your idea of a good time, Pittsburgh might just be your best bet for this St. Patrick's Day.

We want to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day. We hope the luck of the Irish is with you, but most importantly, we hope that you make wise choices.

Oh, and remember that wearing green will prevent the wrath of a pinching fiend. However, usually wearing a sturdy "B" face will do the trick, too.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Break Fails....and How to Avoid Them

Aloha Roadrunners,

In honor of Spring Break, here are a few fails that you should try to avoid during your travels.

"I'm good. I don't need sunscreen." 

Well, well, well. We all know the "I don't need sunscreen!" guy at the beach, and we also know the joy of mocking and teasing his rosey-red, cherry, Batman boobs for the remainder of the trip.

I guess these brave sunblock petitioners think that the sun won't harm them. It's always nice when getting to witness their reality-check first-hand. This spring break, do yourself a favor and throw on a little SPF. Your pale tits are fine just the way they are.

As for those who still plan on leaving the sunscreen at home, "AL-OE, ARE YOU STUPID?"

No, but seriously. You're going to need some Aloe.

"I want to wear makeup and look cute on the beach."

 A full face of makeup on the beach will leave you looking kind of like Heath Ledger during his role as the Joker (but less attractive).

Come on, you're at the flippin' beach for King Triton's sake, go swim in the ocean, play with crabs (...the animal), and sunbathe (see #1 for sunscreen advice).

If you MUST use something, try a water-proof mascara, and have fun. There's no need to be too concerned with the intensity of your highlight or perfection of your brows while you're sweating and sandy.

In the words of the Joker, "Why so serious?"

"I'm going to go on spring break with my family." 

While having a free vacation provided by your parents may sound good in theory, it is actually quite the opposite. ABORT MISSION!

Vacationing with your parents as a college student really just enables you to see all of the things that you can't really enjoy when they are around. 

Whether it is because of their rules or their embarrassing tendencies, you slowly become aware of everything that you don't like about the humans who brought you life, and your reign of unstoppable resentment awakens. 

Spring break is only profound when it is experienced in its fun, parent-less glory. Trust me, you'd rather share a room with 6 of your buddies in a dumpy hotel than try to flirt with guys/girls while mommy watches from the background.

Say "no" to parental vacationing peer pressure, mis amigos.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time."

Spring break has the power to ignite bravery and a temporary fog of stupidity on its eager participants.

One second you're listening to a Bon Jovi song on the beach, and the next moment your buddies have convinced you that "this song would make some sick ink." Then, you're in the salon chair of some sketchy tattoo shop while an illiterate man named Tiny sticks needles into your tattoo-virgin skin.

Ouch, and I'm not talking about the pain. When you get a "good idea" this spring break, just remember that it's actually probably a terrible idea, and don't do it.

You're welcome.

We wish you the least amount of failure and embarrassment this spring break. Have fun, and stay safe!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Be In Your Element!

Greetings Roadrunners,

We want to inform you that we are now accepting Resident Assistant applications for the 2017-2018 school year!

Resident Assistants are student team members employed by Residential Life who live on a wing or floor in the residence hall. The RA is an integral member of the Residential Life and college staff as they have the most direct and consistent student contact. RAs are responsible for fostering individual growth and community development through providing education and enjoyable programs.

Please keep in mind that the application process can be time consuming as applicants must submit a resume, reference forms from two different references, essays, and the application itself. We recommend getting started as soon as possible!

After applications have been reviewed, selected candidates will undergo the RA Carousel process. The RA Carousel is a mixture of group and individual interviews that will be conducted on April 1st from 9am-1pm.

For more information on the job description, benefits, and qualifications, please visit the RA information web page.

Or, if you want to hear first hand what it is like to be an RA, you can attend our RA information sessions where current RAs can give you the tell-all experience! The dates for the sessions are as follows:

February 28: 3:30-4:30pm in the Learning Commons (Mashburn Hall)
March 6: 5:30-6:30pm in the Eddie miller room (Pope Center)
March 7: 3:30-4:30pm in the Learning Commons (Mashburn Hall)

If you're interested in becoming a Dalton State College RA for the 2017-2018 school year, you can download the application by following the link below. RA applications MUST be turned in March 24, 2017 by noon. We hope you will consider joining our team!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

5 Reasons Employers Hire Former RAs

Resident Assistants know how to pull it together, put on a smile, and refrain from letting anyone rain on their parade...just ask Bukky (pictured above)!

Here are five reasons why employers jump at the opportunity to hire previous Resident Assistants (RA): 

*Fire alarm is going off*
*Exam at 8:00am tomorrow*
*Duty phone is ringing* 
"Alright, everyone. Please move toward the emergency exits. Hello, thanks for calling the RA Duty phone; if you can tell me something about Human Anatomy I'll buy you lunch!"

So, when someone calls in sick at the office and the boss needs one person to cover the work of two, former RAs are able to take over with ease (unlike George Lopez, they really do "got this").

Just because a resident comes to the front desk yelling or tells us that "the president of the college will hear about this" doesn't mean that we are going to run for the hills with our tail between our legs.
RAs know that rules need to be enforced in order to maintain organization at work, so they make great advocates for establishing and supervising company policies and procedures.

If employers are looking for someone to put the "super" in supervisor, they know that former RAs are a superb choice.

RAs have planned everything from water balloon fights on the quad to résumé writing courses in the library. Their variety in event planning makes for one heck of a coordinator for future employers.
Whether they need to plan a work party or a sales pitch, they are bound to get on the ball, and knock it out of the park. 

RA=Really Awesome

Working in residence halls allow RAs to experience diversity first-hand, and their job is to smack it in the metaphorical face by making everyone feel welcome. They've built programs and relationships on the foundation of equality for everyone.
When coworkers are racist, stereotypical, or hesitant towards someone for their lack of experience in diversity, former RAs are able to address their discomfort and help them understand how to be a company of acceptance and inclusion.

"Yeah, you can't leave your trash sitting in your room any longer because it's giving off a very sewer-like aroma, and well, this isn't a sewer."

RAs are surprised by nothing and comfortable talking about anything. This ability comes in handy when they need to address the conduct or performance of others in the workplace. 
Employers no longer have to play rock, paper, scissors over who needs to have a "serious talk" with Johnny about his three hour lunch breaks.

Being a Resident Assistant is a great way to get connected in your community, build up your résumé, and make lasting relationships. To learn more about the RA position at Dalton State College, visit the Resident Assistant website

Friday, February 3, 2017

It's Not History...It's Everyday Life!

Image result for black history month

Greetings Roadrunners,

We all know that February is the month of heart-shaped candy, romantic comedies, and red rose shortages, but it is also an important reminder of black history and the vital impact that it plays in our everyday lives.

While history doesn't always ignite excitement in the hearts of students, here are a few creations from iconic black inventors that might!

1.)  Potato Chips

George Crum (a fitting name) is the inventor of this tasty treat. While serving as the chef of a restaurant, a customer sent back a plate of french fries claiming that they were too thick, mushy, and salty.

So, Crum created the potato chip to try and get back at the nagging customer, and what happened instead made the customer "bite his tongue" about this chef's abilities.

Update: One salty customer leads to billions of deliciously salty chips.

Later, tater hater.

2.)  The Modern Home-Video Game Console

Kingdom Hearts, GTA, Final Fantasy, Halo, Super Smash Brothers, and tons of other games wouldn't be playable if it weren't for Gerald A. Lawson. He is credited with the construction of the modern home-video game console.

His console was the first to use a microprocessor, and it was the first to have a programmable ROM cartridge.

Without Lawson, we could kiss our fictional characters goodbye.

3.) The Super Soaker

Lonnie Johnson holding some super soaker guns

Ah, the nostalgia of The Super Soaker. It was invented by the Mobile, Alabama native, Lonnie Johnson in the 1960's. He came up with the idea when he was working on a new type of refrigeration system and shot a powerful stream of water across the bathroom sink. 

While it may only be a child's toy, Johnson's invention led to the launch of over 170 models of Super Soakers and generated more than one billion dollars.

If he was shooting for the stars, I'd say he came pretty close.

4.) The 3 Position Traffic Signal

Modern logic: Red means "stop." Green means "go," and yellow means "FLOOR IT."

Okay, okay. All jokes aside, traffic signals only contained indications for "stop" and "go" before Garrett Morgan's invention. He saw the need to add extra safety precautions by creating a third position to the traffic signal, and he sold the rights to his invention to General Electric for $40,000.

The next time you're "flooring it" through a yellow light, you can thank Morgan for giving you the few extra seconds to get across the intersection and innocently justify your actions with the words "it wasn't red yet."

Indeed it was not. Thanks, Morgan; you're the real MVP.

5. 3-D Graphics Technology Used in Films

Image result for 3d special effects before and after avatar

As one of the founders of Silicon Graphics (currently known as SGI), the computer scientist Marc Hannah developed 3-D graphics technology, which is now used in many Hollywood films today.

Without Hannah's invention, Mark Ruffalo is only....well... Mark Ruffalo (We want Hulk, We want Hulk...). Hannah understood our need for an obnoxiously oversized, half-naked, green, smash-loving cinematic superhero, and he delivered (bulging biceps and all).

Alright, well maybe Hannah didn't have The Avengers in mind when he created 3-D graphics, but we get to reap the benefits nonetheless (woop, woop).

We encourage everyone to celebrate Black History Month! It is a great opportunity to stay informed about the invaluable impact that black culture has on our society.

Put down the holiday chocolates, and pick up the celebratory chips.

Happy Black History Month!